Welcome to PW-Sat2 Ground Station!

This service allows you to follow satellite's data received by the PW-Sat2 team and amateur radio people from all over the world!

If you are HAM radio enthusiast we encourage you to receive signals from the PW-Sat2 - check out HAM Radio pages!

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Latest Telemetry Highlights

10d 14h 33m 55s

Satellite Mission Time

No active experiment

Current Experiment

10.6 °C

Battery Temperature

25.0 °C

COMM Tx PA Temperature

5.6 °C

OBC Temperature

7.64 V

Battery Voltage

91.41 mA

Battery Discharge

0.0 mA

Battery Charge

Satellite Altitude

Satellite Position

TLE Name:

Latitude: 0.0
Longitude: 0.0
Altitude: 0.0 km

TLE Update: